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PM 1.0 (T-55a)

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Overfulfill with honors +50%
Срочный заказ +25%

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Terms of service PM 1.0 (T-55a):
Availability 100 gold (to change add. equipment)
Active premium account (or enough silver to complete the PM)
There are 2-3 tanks, for each branch of the PM
Tanks suitable for PM 1.0 (T-55a):
LT: Т37, M41 Walker Buldog, AMX 13-90, AMX 13-105, Т-100ЛТ, Т-54 обл, RU 251
MT: Cromwell, T-34-85, Lorr.40t, T-54, T-55A, Об.907, Об.430У, Е50, Е50М, TVP 50/51, Skoda T50, Об.140
HT: ИС-3, Т-10, ИС-7, Type5 Heavy, E100, Maus, O-I, T32, 113, WZ 111-5A, AMX 50B, AMX 50-100
AT: Hellcat, E-25, Skorpion G, FV-4005, Grille-15, WT.Pz4, T110E3, T110E4, СУ-100
SPG: M53/55, M40/43, Conquer GC, 212А