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Get the top statistics and enjoying!
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Top statistics battles

Battles amount
Type of top statistics battles
Replay battles +10%
Срочный заказ +25%

eg: Telegram @playnotsleep_com_bot

Term: from 25 / 30 battles per day
Terms of service Top statistics battles:
Availability 100 gold (to change add. equipment)
Possibility to choose Compatible Equipment
Minimum 3 perk crew
Possibility to change crew skills
1 000 000 silver for every 20 fights (for 10 level tanks)
What do you get when ordering a service Top statistics battles:
Average experience: 1000 - 2000
Average damage: from 3 000 to 5 000 (depending on tank level)
WN8 per session: 3500 – 5000
Almost always "Master" and Gun Marks
The most relevant tanks for top statistics:
8 Lvl:: ИС-3, Об.416, Pershing, Caernarvon, T44-100, Т-44, WZ-132, Progetto 46, M 41 90, EBR 75, Somua SM, Защитник, Lorraine 40 t
9 Lvl:: Е50, M46 Patton, WZ 111-1-4, T-10, Conqueror, Т55а, Skoda T 50, Все ЛТ 9 уровня, Tortoise, Standard B, АМХ М4 51
10 Lvl:: ИС-7, 140, 430У, WZ 111 5A, АМХ 50Б, 277, S.Conqueror, TVP T 50/51, Kranvagn, T57 Heavy